Redirection Case1 – Source

This is Source Page of Redirection Case 1

Source Page has:

  • an discovery from burkhard with keyword “case1 source keyword”,  title “case1 source title burkhard “, description “case1 source description burkhard ” and color yellow
  • two comments for the discovery “case1 source keyword burkhard comment1″ by burkhard and “case1 source keyword Swarm comment2” by Swarm
  • an hit for this discovery with yellow by user Swarm
  • the discovery was shared with comment “case1 source sharing burkhard” by burkhard with user Swarm and facebook test account
  • The discovery was part of a cluster campaign from burkhard

Target Page has:

  • a discovery from Swarm with keyword “case1 target keyword Swarm”,
  • title “case1 target title Swarm”, description “case1 target description Swarm” and color Green

So in this case both keywords are different and from different users, so there is no conflict of keyword, url, title, description, hit color.